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Online Public Opinion Survey Now Available for Portage County Residents & Landowners

Portage County is currently undergoing a 10-year update of its Comprehensive Plan and is asking for public input through an online survey.

The Comprehensive Plan is a guide to the county’s physical, social, and economic development, with a 20-year vision for future planning and community decisions. As part of the plan update process, an online survey has been launched for Portage County residents and landowners to provide input on land development, services, and environmental protections. This survey will be available through September 15, 2023, at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HBYNGQQ.

In addition to the survey opportunity, public input is also welcome in person at the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee meetings; by email to steeringcommittee.pcwi@gmail.com; or by mail to Portage County Planning & Zoning Department, 1462 Strongs Avenue, Stevens Point, WI, 54481. For more information about the Portage County Comprehensive Plan Update, or if unable to take the survey online contact Portage County Planner, Kristen Johnson, by phone at (715)346-1334 or by email at johnsokr@co.portage.wi.gov.


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