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November 17, 2021 Town Board Meeting

November 17, 2021 Town of Dewey Board Meeting
Note: These are the proposed Minutes that will be approved at the next Board meeting.
Wednesday, November 17, 2021
430 Dewey Drive-Stevens Point WI 54482

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Chairman King at 6:15 pm, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Verify Open Meeting Notice & Roll Call: Open meeting notice was verified. Chairman Maurice King, Supervisor Dennis Meis, Supervisor Dennis Hintz and Clerk Angie Lochinger were present. Treasurer Josie Napiwocki was absent. 1 Town Residents\Visitors.

Approval of Minutes from the meeting of October 20, 2021: Supervisor Hintz motioned to approve the October 20, 2021 Minutes as presented. Supervisor Meis seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Citizens wishing to address the Town Board: Chief Leroy Pukrop reported that after recent repair work was done, the Sterling seemed to be working well.

Supervisor Comments/Concerns: Supervisor Hintz asked the status of town employee Dave Larson returning to work after a recent work-related accident. Chairman King stated he would be returning to work the following Monday.

Supervisor Meis commented with so many new employees working at businesses, we need to make sure no unnecessary parts are ordered when repairs are being done. He also mentioned the need for another part time town employee, pay increase for part time work and discussed a road groom demo he recently viewed.

Ordinance No.2021-3, an Ordinance to Adopt the Wisconsin Municipal Records Schedule: Supervisor Meis motioned to approve Ordinance No.2021-3, an Ordinance to Adopt the Wisconsin Municipal Records Schedule. Supervisor Hintz seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

2022 Budget: Supervisor Hintz asked if some money can be set aside in an account to be designated for future use, such as for equipment or repair costs. Chairman King explained the budget currently contains cash on hand at the end of 2021. This savings will be there for any such emergencies. He also explained they can’t exceed any budget accounts with out town board approval.

Supervisor Meis motioned to adopt the 2022 Budget for the Town of Dewey as presented. Chairman King seconded. Supervisor Hintz opposed. Motion passed 2-1.

License for Crocker’s Landing Mobile Home Park: Supervisor Hintz motioned to approve the mobile home license for Crocker’s Landing for 2022. Supervisor Meis seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Report on TRI and TRID Programs: Chairman King reported the Torun Road project was chosen for the TRI road improvement application he submitted. We will receive approximately $41,000 toward this 1.34 mile project that we will look at doing in 2023-2024.

Report on WTA Convention: Chairman King discussed information from the recent WTA Convention, such as the need for a .gov website and email addresses for towns, and a discussion that in order to drop the speed limit to 45, a traffic study needs to be done. Chairman King will look into this further.

Tractor repairs: The board is still trying to get an estimate to repair the John Deere tractor.

Resolution No.12 -2021, a Resolution to Designate Snowmobile Routes: Supervisor Meis motioned to approve Resolution No.12 -2021, a resolution to designate snowmobile routes on town roads. Supervisor Hintz seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Treasurer/Clerk Reports for October: The board postponed action on this agenda item as the treasurer was absent.

Correspondence: The board reviewed correspondence.

Chairperson’s Report on town work and activities: Chairman King reported road certifications have been completed. Town employees have been cutting with the boom mower, patching roads, grading and plowing. They replaced hoses on the trucks, winterized the buildings and equipment and put up some snow fence posts. Captain Brian Lepper provided an update on E-11, they are still looking for winter storage. The Town of Guenther is considering opening up their roads for ATV/UTV use and asked how it has been going for Dewey.

Set Meeting Dates & Agendas: The next Town Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 6:30 pm at the Dewey Town Hall.

Approve and Pay Bills: Supervisor Hintz motioned to approve and pay the bills. Supervisor Meis seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Adjournment: Chairman King adjourned the meeting at 7:41 pm.


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