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May 12, 2015 Road Inspections

Town of Dewey – Portage County
Road Inspection
May 12th, 2015 7:00AM Town Hall

Dennis Hintz, Chairperson
Jerry Kizewski, Supervisor Ken Hintz, Town Worker
Tim Pazdra, Supervisor Ben Karpinski, Town Worker
Dave Zdroik and Dennis Meis, Road Committee members

The Board left the Town Hall at 7:00am to inspect roads.
Road Work to consider:

West River Road – Crack sealing.

DuBay Dr. - Crack sealed in 2014.

Wood Ln. – Cut shoulders, add base, and create ditch before Chippewa.

Chippewa Trl. – Possible chip seal.

Boat Landing/Ski Club- Buoy placement and possible parking lot re-do.

Eau Claire Rd. – Grind and base, prep for chip sealing.

Oakwood Dr. West off of Sunset – Fix radius on north side and south side.

-Oakwood, East off of Sunset to Hwy X – Replace culvert, owner pays and the Town will install.

-Oakwood, east end (old Town dump) – Lift, 6” base and 4” granite to match existing road conditions.

Deer Ln. – Base lift up to Knick’s.

Hidden Ln – Base lift as needed.

Birch Dr., east from Haymeadow.- Base lift from Litza’s driveway to Β½ mile east of Town line.

Sandy La. – Base lift as needed south of Birch. Base lift 100-150 feet north of Birch.

Birch Dr., east of Hwy X to Sandy La. – Crack seal and patch holes.

Maple Dr. – Base lift east past 2nd house.

Rocky Ridge Dr. –Base lift shared road with the Town of Hull. Will need to meet with proper Town of Hull officials.

Pine Wood Dr. – Base lift or granite shared road with Town of Hull.

Lilac Dr. – Cold mix in holes, straighten road.

Blackbird Ln. – Base lift.

Maple Dr, east of Sunset to Hwy. X – General Maintenance.


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