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February 8, 2018 Town of Dewey Board Meeting

February 8, 2018 Town of Dewey Board Meeting
Note: These are the proposed Minutes that will be approved at the next Board meeting.
Thursday, February 8, 2018
430 Dewey Drive-Stevens Point WI 54482

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Chairman King at 6:30 pm, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Verify Open Meeting Notice & Roll Call: Open meeting notice was verified. Chairman Maurice King, Supervisor Dennis Meis, Supervisor Dave Zdroik, Clerk Angie Lochinger and Treasurer Josie Napiwocki were present. 2 Town Residents\Visitors.

Discuss and complete the Portage County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Survey: Town of Dewey EMR Captain Brian Lepper and Portage County Board Member Stan Potocki attended the meeting to provide valuable insight and feedback. The board and residents discussed and completed the EMS Survey requested by Portage County.

The residents and board discussed their level of satisfaction with the countywide system for providing ambulance service in Portage County. They felt improvements could be made in response times for the Town of Dewey. One suggestion would be opening up the ramps at I-39 at County Highway X, which could cut down on a minimum of 5 minutes of response time.

When asked how satisfied they are regarding getting their monies worth for municipal costs for the Portage County wide EMS system which was $41,969 in 2017 for 34 calls. Note this amount is based on equalized values. One suggestion was that part of the equation of the cost to municipalities should factor in response time. If the service doesn’t meet the established standard (15 minutes or less) then there should be a reduction in cost.

When asked if they would support the integration of private ambulance providers, the board and residents agreed they would support this integration but would expect the same level of care and reduced response times.

It was also discussed that although they are satisfied with the response time and knowledge level of our local municipality EMR’s it’s felt that it would be helpful if the County would contribute more money to municipalities so they can compensate their EMR’s better. It was agreed that our hard working volunteers are not being compensated adequately.

It was also mentioned that it would be helpful to remove some of the jurisdictional boundaries for our local EMR’s with more mutual aid between municipalities.

We could always use more EMR volunteers in the Town of Dewey. Please contact Captain Brian Lepper if you have any interest.

Adjournment: Chairman King adjourned the meeting at 8:02 pm.


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