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August 5, 2015 Town Board Meeting

Town of Dewey – Portage County
Town Board Meeting
Wednesday, August 5, 2015 7:00PM Town Hall

Dennis Hintz, Chairperson Todd Pazdra - Clerk
Tim Pazdra, Supervisor Josie Napiwocki - Treasurer
Jerry Kizewski, Supervisor 18 Town Residents and/or Visitors

Chairman Dennis Hintz called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Agenda Items
Verify Open Meeting Notice, roll call

Minutes from the meeting of July 22, 2015 – Todd Pazdra read the minutes from the July 22, 2015 meeting. Supervisor Tim Pazdra motioned to approve the July 22, 2015 minutes, Supervisor Jerry Kizewski second, motion carried 3-0.

Chairman Hintz Introduced Marilyn Bhend, the WTA Dist.4 Representative who was invited to observe the proceedings and give advice to the Board as requested. Marylin gave a short introduction, and said she enjoyed teaching and would be glad to answer questions from the Board and residents to help better inform them on meeting procedures and policies.

Authorization for Town Officials/Road Workers to Make Purchases – Chairman Hintz said that as of now the Town has no official policy on who was authorized to make purchases, or for how much. Hintz said that he had talked to the WTA and they suggested such a policy be put in place. Hintz suggested creating a policy in which he and Town Worker Ken Hintz are authorized purchasers and have a limit of $2,500.00 before Board approval would be needed. Supervisor Pazdra had some concern that a $2,500.00 limit would be too little considering the amount it cost to fix the type of machinery and equipment the Town has. Marilyn said that generally if one would need to go to the store for supplies or make small purchases as necessary, they are authorized. If a major purchase needed to be made it would need to be authorized. Supervisor Pazdra motioned to authorize the Town Road Workers to purchase necessary items up to $1,500.00, with Chairman Approval necessary for any purchases exceeding that amount per incident. Supervisor Kizewski second, motion carried 3-0.

Discussion on Make-Up of Town Plan Commission- Chairman Hintz said that the Town has an Ordinance stating that the make-up of the Plan Commission is to be of five citizens, but that a Town Board member may serve should there not be any other interested or qualified individuals. Hintz said that according to State Statutes, the Commission can consist of three citizens and two officials and wondered if the Board should amend the Ordinance due to the fact that there are currently two officials on the Commission and this could be a more efficient way to operate as the Town Board Members are usually present at Plan Commission meetings anyway. Supervisor Pazdra didn’t think an amendment process would be necessary as the Commission was operating within State Statutes, but thought perhaps the two seats that are filled by Officials should be posted to try and fulfill the five resident requirements. Supervisor Kizewski Motioned to look for two replacements for the Town Plan Commission to try and become Ordinance compliant. Supervisor Pazdra second, motion carried 3-0.

Discussion on Potential Road Work Projects- Chairman Hintz recommended the Dewey Dr. culvert replacement project which would be eligible for Town Bridge Aid, Eau Claire Rd. which is in need of reconstruction, and Dewey Dr. from the front of the Town Hall to Hwy. X, but thought perhaps that project could be held off due to the late start time not allowing for the proper process the project would need. Supervisor Pazdra said that he thought Birch Dr. form the end of the black top to at least the Kizewski farm could use some granite because it is very rough and has not been lifted in a long time. Chairman Hintz said that a project like that would probably fall under Road Repairs as far as available monies are concerned. Supervisor Kizewski said that Oakwood Dr. from Doug’s driveway to Haymeadow Dr. could use a granite lift. Chairman Hintz motioned to proceed with the Dewey Dr. culvert project and Eau Claire Rd. project and then re-assess finances. Supervisor Pazdra second, motion carried 3-0.

Discussion on Hiring a Municipal Attorney – Chairman Hintz thought that it would be a good idea to hire a Municipal Attorney in the event the Town would be sued by another agency. Marilyn suggested that in the event the Town was to obtain an attorney for such a case, to make sure that they are well versed in Town Law and to only use them if you need them. The Board discussed whether such an attorney needs to be on retainer, or would we simply use them on an as needed basis. Super visor Pazdra thought it would at least be a good idea to contact some qualified attorneys to have on list in case needed. Supervisor Pazdra motioned to authorize the Board to pursue legal representation. Supervisor Kizewski second, motion carried 3-0.

Discussion on Culver Replacement on Oakwood Dr- Supervisor Kizewski said he was contacted by Frank Slembarski about the culvert at his driveway, it is plugged and becoming a problem and the ditches needs to be cleaned. Marilyn advised that if it is a private culvert the landowner is responsible for the cost culvert, and the Town usually takes care of the setting of the culvert and ditching. Chairman Hintz motioned to authorize Supervisor Kizewski to contact the landowner on Oakwood Dr. to assess his willingness to purchase a culvert at his cost for the Town to set. Supervisor Pazdra second, motion carried 3-0.

Marilyn Bhend Discussion on Town Policies and Procedures- Throughout the evening Marilyn answered a number of questions from both the Board and the residents, gave advice, and made recommendations. She clarified a number of issues, and expressed the necessity for the Board to make sure they are making every effort to comply with the Open Meeting Laws. In summary, Marilyn said that she thought the Board did a good job functioning.

Chairperson’s Report on Town Work and Activities- Town workers are painting the doors of the shop in attempt to salvage them before they rust away, looking at possibly replacing one that is rotting away, cold patching, and general maintenance and repairs.

Correspondence- Correspondence was reviewed.

Approve and Pay Bills-Supervisor Pazdra motioned to approve and pay bills. Supervisor Kizewski second, motion carried 3-0.

Citizens Wishing to Address the Board- None

Set Meeting Dates and Agendas- Town Board Meeting, August 26, 2015 7:00pm.

Adjournment- Supervisor Pazdra motioned to adjourn at 9:35. Supervisor Kizewski second, motion carried 3-0.



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