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Town of Dewey
Town Plan Commission
Dewey Town Hall
Tuesday November 15, 2022, 3:30 p.m.

1) Meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm and Kathy led the Pledge of Allegiance
2) Public notice was given:
Roll call was taken:
Present: Kathy Girolamo, Doug Evica, Rhonda Hollfelder and Sandy Meis
Absent: Dennis Hintz
3) Discussion/Action on the minutes from the meeting of October 20, 2022
Motion by Rhonda Hollfelder and seconded by Sandy Meis to approve as written.
Motion carried 4-0

4) Correspondences
a. Reviewed and made the following minor changes on the sample Land Division Application Maurice received from P & Z
i. Change all Subdivision to Land Division on entire document
ii. Add Fee * after each Land Division Type where there is a fee associated with the type.
iii. * At the bottom of the page should read *See Current Town of Dewey Fee Schedule.
iv. Maurice will ask Planning and Zoning when the For Office Use Only questions are filled in and if we need to include them on our application.
v. The CSM Signature line should be moved up next to the word Signed.
vi. Under County Plat Land Division Denied should have Reason instead of Signed.

5) Review/Discussion sample Land Division Application along with continuation of Review/Discussion/Possible Action for recommendation to the Dewey Town Board regarding the Existing Subdivision Ordinance conversion to a new “Land Division” Ordinance.
a. Section 1 add the definition for Extraterritorial.
b. Update all Chapters where there is only the chapter number, all s sections should be where there is a number followed by a decimal and ss sub sections should be a number followed by a decimal and a number in parenthesis.
c. Section 3 in the last sentence the Class 2 Notice should be class 2 notice.
d. Section 4 item A first sentence should be “as provided in s.91.01, Wis. Stats., such as:
e. Section 4 item J Kathy will ask P&Z about this item.
f. Section 4 item N the first and should be “any”.
g. Section 4 item T and X Kathy will ask P&Z about these items.
h. Section 6 item C the last and should be “any”.
i. Section 6 item L should be s.70.27 remove (1).
j. Section 6 item G Kathy will check with P&Z.
k. Section 9 item 7 should be “encompassed” instead of “emcompassed”.
l. Section 9 item 8 should be “North American Vertical Datum of 1988.
m. Section 9 item 24 first sentence should read “Location of soil boring tests, where required by Chapter 85 ILHR 85.
n. Section 11 item A Kathy will ask P&Z what acres should be added in there (Dewey or State Statues).
o. Section 12 items 7 and 10 Kathy will ask P&Z or Maurice will review the road ordinances.
p. Section 12 item B, 1 b should be 2 Acres.
q. Section 12 item B, 1 e Maurice will check the road ordinances.
r. Section 13 the first sentence should be 35 acres
s. Section 13 item A last sentence change “State Department of Commerce to “Industry Labor Human Relations Administrative Codes”.

6) Next Meeting schedule – January 9, 2023

8) Adjournment – meeting adjourned 5:20 pm


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