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March 4, 2020 Town of Dewey Board Meeting
Note: These are the proposed Minutes that will be approved at the next Board meeting.
Wednesday, March 4, 2020
430 Dewey Drive-Stevens Point WI 54482

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Chairman King at 6:30 pm, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Verify Open Meeting Notice & Roll Call: Open meeting notice was verified. Chairman Maurice King, Supervisor Dennis Meis, Supervisor Dennis Hintz, Clerk Angie Lochinger and Treasurer Josie Napiwocki were present. 10 Town Residents\Visitors.

Review options for replacing town’s mower for cutting road shoulders: Representatives from Swiderski Implement (Mark Wisinski), Serwe Implement (Archie Serwe), Sand County Equipment (Paul Cieslewicz) and Weyers Equipment (Derek Klarkowski) attended the meeting to present and discuss options for replacing the town’s mower.

Discussions on the following topics related to the Fire Department and EMR group;
a) Telephone/internet service: Clerk Lochinger and firefighter AJ Hawley met with Amherst Telephone Company during a recent site visit. They provided a review of the site visit, benefits to the Fire Department and town board by switching to high speed internet and pricing options.

b) Generator for town buildings: Brian Lepper described benefits the Village of Park Ridge has experienced by having a generator. He explained the use of the Village Hall/Fire Department has been a great resource for residents after recent storm related disasters by having access to electricity, air conditioning and running water. He suggested not waiting until a time of need to make a purchase like this.

Tom Girolamo, unable to attend the meeting, sent a letter to the town board adding his support for an emergency generator. The letter states that the storms and erratic weather we have experienced over the past several years warrants serious consideration for how to handle emergencies in Town, with a list of many important reasons for emergency power supply.

c) Budget coding: Chief Leroy Pukrop requested the Fire Department income account named “Donations Fire Department” be changed to “Fire Department Fund Raising”. He explained they earn most of their income from fundraising done by the hard work of the volunteers on the Fire Department, not from donations.

Tom Girolamo provided a letter to the town board with a breakdown of funds raised by Dewey firefighters in 2019. He showed after expenses, the Fire Department earned $14,459 by fundraising, with approximately 400 hours of work donated by the firefighters to achieve those funds as well as approximately 125 hours donated by residents and community members (non- firefighters).

Chairman King explained some of the money going into the account is from donations and suggested re-naming the account “Fire Department Donations/Fund Raising”.

d) Volunteer Fire Department Ordinance: Chairman King pointed out the need to update the Volunteer Fire Department Ordinance as it hasn’t been updated in over 15 years. He would like to work with the Fire Department to update procedures.

e) Reserve funds: The town board has recently inquired what the Fire Department plans on doing with their reserve funds.

Lieutenant Tom Girolamo provided a letter stating the Fire Department officers are unanimous that fundraising money should be used to keep fire and safety equipment up to date as donors have asked for, not absorbed into the Town’s general fund for routine debt service on capital improvements that have already had property taxes allocated for this purpose.

Rivers Edge Campground/Bullheads Bar & Grill sent a letter stating they have made fund raising opportunities possible for the Dewey Fire Department during the annual boat races and the Fire Department appreciation dinner for a total of over $8,000 in the past year through goods, services and venue donations. They explained their donations are intended to equip the Fire Department above and beyond what a normal budget allows for. Those funds are not intended for normal maintenance and town debt retirement.

Supervisor Hintz suggested the Fire Department be allowed to use their fundraising money on the items they need, then cutting their town funded annual budget and using that money to pay down the loan on the fire truck. Chief Pukrop stated he doesn’t feel the Fire Department should be self-funded by fundraisers and they would like a say in how their fundraising funds are spent. He pointed out they haven’t received an increase in their budget for many years.

Chairman King explained although there were some discussions on the reserve balance, no decisions were made by the town board on how the Fire Department should use those funds. He continued to explain it’s the town board’s responsibility to keep track of Fire Department funds. He stated he feels they have done a good job with the use of their budget and that most people have no idea how much hard work is put in by our fire department members.

f) Any other issues related to Fire Department/EMR group: Brian Lepper mentioned in Park Ridge they have been paying an annual subscription to the County for a type of reverse 911 system, which they have used as a resource to reach out to residents in time of an emergency.

Approve and Pay Bills: Supervisor Hintz motioned to approve and pay the bills. Supervisor Meis seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Adjournment: Chairman King adjourned the meeting at 8:47 pm.


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