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ALL DOGS over the age of 5 months must be licensed in the Town of Dewey, Portage County, Wisconsin.
According to Wisconsin State Statue #174

Failure to License or Vaccinate may result in a $169 - $263.50 citation from the Portage County Sheriff’s Department

Dog License Applications are due by April 1, 2019.  (Application and fees postmarked after April 1, 2019 will be charged a $5.00 late fee).  In order to receive a license, please include the following items with this application:

1) Current Rabies Certification (or copy) – This will be returned with your dog tag(s)
                 **Please make sure the Rabies Certificate includes: vaccine manufacturer and serial # of vaccine, veterinarian clinic name

2) Proof of being neutered or spayed

                  (ONLY for dogs which were not neutered/spayed in previous years or are new to the Town of Dewey)

3) Fees
(cash or check made out to Town of Dewey) 
4) Self-addressed stamped envelope (to return your license, tag, and rabies certification)

If you had a dog that was licensed in the Town of Dewey during 2018 and that dog no longer lives with you (due to death, surrender, sale, etc.), please fill out this form (excluding rabies information) and check “Update Records.”  Return to the address listed below OR email townofdewey@yahoo.com; please enter “Dog License” in the subject line and send a brief email to inform me that this dog no longer lives in the town (include your name and the dog’s name).    

Please return your complete application to:   Town of Dewey Treasurer
                                                                        Josie Napiwocki
                                                                        430 Dewey Drive
                                                                        Stevens Point, WI 54482
                                                                        Phone #: 
715-498-1017                                               ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Owner Name(s): __________________________________________
Telephone Number:
(Telephone number is only used to contact you regarding questions about this application or if/when your dog gets lost and the sheriff/humane society needs to contact you.)

*If you have more than two dogs, please make a copy of this form or print a copy from our website: www.townofdeweywi.com   

Dog’s Name _______________________                           Dog’s Name _______________________

Breed            _______________________                           Breed             _______________________

Color             _______________________                           Color             ________________________

Expiration of Rabies Shot _____________                           Expiration of Rabies Shot ______________

Vaccine Manufacturer &                                                         Vaccine Manufacturer &

Serial # ___________________________                            Serial #_____________________________

___ Male neutered          ___ Female spayed                               ___ Male neutered         ___ Female spayed
($10.00)                          ($10.00)                                                ($10.00)                          ($10.00)
___ Male not neutered    ___ Female not spayed                         ___ Male not neutered   ___ Female not spayed

($20.00)                          ($20.00)                                                ($20.00)                          ($20.00)  

___ Update Records (no fee)                                                        ___ Update Records (no fee)
___ Kennel/Multiple Dog License ($75.00)                                   ___ Kennel/Multiple Dog License ($75.00)

TOTAL FEES DUE:  $_______________



Town of Dewey, Portage County, Wisconsin
430 Dewey Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54482
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