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Town of Dewey
Town Board Meeting
Dewey Town Hall
Thursday, June 29, 2017, 9:00 a.m.

1) Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance

2) Verify Open Meeting Notice, roll call

3) Minutes from the meeting of June 15, 2017

4) Citizens wishing to address the town board

Public Notice: Members of the Public who wish to address the Board on specific items must register their request at this time. Such comments are subject to the reasonable control of the Board Chairperson as set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order.

5) Discussion/Action on letter of support to the Town of Hull for grant funding for additional increase broadband in this area

6) Discussion/Action on appointments to fill vacancies on the town Plan Commission

7) Report on meeting with representative of CWPC at South Bay Beach Park

8) At approximately 9:15 a.m. the town board will leave to review several sections of Dewey Drive between County Road X AND Torun Road – town board will return to the town hall at approximately 10:00 a.m.

9) Discussion/Action on which road work projects the town will proceed with in 2017

10) Chairperson’s Report on town work and activities

11) Correspondence

12) Set meeting dates/agendas

13) Adjournment


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Town of Dewey, Portage County, Wisconsin
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